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Carl Reiner Is Happy to Be First or Second Banana

Reiner was a writer and appeared in Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows." He's best-known to baby boomer audiences as the creator and writer of "The Dick Van Dyke Show." He also staged several Broadway plays, including "Enter Laughing," which is based on his novel and which he later adapted to the screen. Since then, he has concentrated on film direction, specifically comedies. His films include "Where's Poppa?" "The Jerk," "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," "All of Me" "Oh God," and "Bert Rigby, You're a Fool." (Rebroadcast)


Other segments from the episode on February 17, 1995

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, February 17, 1995: Interview with Carl Reiner; Interview with Jack Larson; Interview with Sheila James Kuehl; Review of the film "Just Cause."


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