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Jack Larson

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Jimmy Olsen Grows Up

Librettist, poet, and playwright Jack Larson got his career start playing Jimmy Olsen, the cub reporter on the 1950s The Adventures of Superman TV show. He has a cameo role in the new movie Superman Returns as Bo the Bartender. This interview originally aired on April 12, 1993.


T.V. Week: Actor and Writer Jack Larson Looks Back at His "Superman" Days.

Jack Larson was Jimmy Olsen, the cub-reporter on the original “Superman” TV show. Since then he’s become a librettist, poet, and playwright. One of his poems "The Relativity of Icarus" was part of a Joffrey Ballet." He's also written a couple of versed plays, "The Candied House," and "Cherry, Larry, Sandy, Doris, Jean, Paul." (REBROADCAST from 4/12/93)


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