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'Fresh Air' Remembers Actor Meshach Taylor

Taylor was best known for his role as Anthony Bouvier on the TV sitcom Designing Women. Taylor's other TV series included Buffalo Bill and Dave's World. He chatted with Terry Gross in 1990.


'Just One More Thing' About Falk, TV's 'Columbo'

Peter Falk, who was known for his portrayal of the disheveled and seemingly inept homicide detective Lt. Columbo, died on Thursday at age 83. Fresh Air remembers the actor with excerpts from a 1995 interview.


Larry Gelbart, Writing For Laughs

In remembrance of M*A*S*H creator Larry Gelbart, we listen back to a 1996 interview with the comedy writer. Gelbart died Sept. 11, 2009 at the age of 81.


Remembering Frankie Laine

Singer Frankie Laine gained TV immortality by singing the theme of Rawhide. He first became successful as a jazz singer recording standards like "Black and Blue" and "West End Blues." (RB of 7/29/87)


John Spencer, an Actor's Actor

The actor died on Dec. 16, 2005, at age 58. We replay an interview from April 2000. Spencer is best known for his character Leo McGarry, the president's chief of staff, on the popular NBC series The West Wing.

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