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At The Emmys: Basic Cable Has A Big Night

NBC's 30 Rock cleaned up the major comedy prizes, but the big drama awards went to basic-cable breakouts like AMC's Mad Men and FX's Damages. TV critic David Bianculli recaps the evening.


David Bianculli: Cable's Impact on Network TV

Critic David Bianculli has some thoughts about the fall season and cable's impact on network television. He says ABC may have the year's two best shows: the prime-time soap opera Desperate Housewives and the action/suspense show Lost.


The Best Late Entries in the Fall TV Season

Television critic David Bianculli reviews The Flash, a live action show based on the D.C. comic strip, and Evening Shade, about a high school football coach played by Burt Reynolds. Bianculli also expresses his disappointment that Twin Peaks got snubbed at the latest Emmy Awards.


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