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New Shows Hit Average In Fall TV Lineup

Critic David Bianculli says of all the new programs premiering this fall, there isn't on you have to add to your weekly viewing lists. The best new show, he says, is Emily Owens, M.D., which is just like Ally McBeal if she were a doctor instead of a lawyer -- but it's graded on a curve.


Hugh Laurie's 'House': No Pain, No Gain.

For the past eight seasons, the English actor has played Dr. Gregory House on the Fox medical series. During that time, Laurie's character has diagnosed dozens of patients suffering from rare ailments, while maintaining a serious addiction to Vicodin.

Actor Hugh Laurie

Making Medical Drama in FOX's 'House'

David Shore and Dr. David Foster combine to be the driving force behind the new medical series House, on FOX TV. Shore is the executive producer; Foster is the medical consultant and writes for the series. On the show, medical maladies play the role of villain. The hero is an irreverent and controversial doctor who trusts no one.


Closure Arrives on T.V. This Week.

TV critic David Bianculli takes a look at several television events and episodes this week ("E.R.," Steven King's "The Storm," and the Impeachment proceedings).


Timothy Busfield's Experience on Medical T.V. Shows.

Actor Timothy Busfield. He plays Elliot Weston on the ABC series, "thirtysomething." (he's the one with the red hair). He also appeared last summer in the movie, "Field of Dreams." Those roles follow a career that included commercials, parts in "Revenge of the Nerds," "Reggie," and "Trapper John M.D." Next week, Busfield is hosting a Lifetime cable special called "Don't Divorce the Children," about the trauma of childhood separation and divorce.


Howie Mandel Shares His Memories of St. Elsewhere.

Comic and actor Howie Mandel. Mandel is one of the stars of "St. Elsewhere," the acclaimed NBC weekly series that follows the lives of the medical staff of the beleaguered St. Eligius, a fictional hospital set in a rough-and-tumble Boston neighborhood. Today, May 25, is final episode of the seven-year series.


St. Elsewhere Goes Out with a Bang.

Television Critic David Bianculli previews the last two episodes of St. Elsewhere, the quirky NBC series set at the beleaguered St. Eligius Hospital. The show, which has run for seven seasons, ends on May 25th.


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