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Kevin Clash: The Man Behind Elmo.

For more than 20 years, puppeteer Kevin Clash has been the voice behind the lovable red monster on Sesame Street. Both Clash "and" Elmo talk with Terry Gross about performing with Jim Henson, and creating a fun, educational experience for preschool-aged children.


Come And Play: 'Sesame Street' Celebrates 40 Years

Four decades after its premiere, Sesame Street is the same happy neighborhood it always was. TV critic David Bianculli takes a look at the newest episode -- which features special guest Michelle Obama -- and assesses the show's enduring legacy.


Actor Paul Reubens, 'Pee-Wee Herman'

The complete 45-episode series of the TV show Pee-Wee's Playhouse is now out on DVD. Reubens originally created the Pee-Wee character at the Los Angeles improv group called The Groundlings. Pee-Wee's Playhouse went on the air in 1986. It ran on CBS for 5 years, garnering 22 Emmys.


Children's TV Host Fred Rogers

He died of stomach cancer on February 27, 2003, at the age of 74. His popular show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, was the longest-running program on public television. It ended in 2001 after 33 years on the air. Last year, Rogers was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor the nation can bestow. This interview first aired November 13, 2002.


Children's TV host Fred Rogers

His popular show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was the longest-running program on public television. It ran 33 years and ended its run in 2001. Rogers is the author of the new book, The Mister Rogers Parenting Book: Helping to Understand Your Young Child. (Running Press). Earlier this year, Rogers was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor the nation can bestow.


A Journalist on His Child Acting Career That Never Was

We feature a special radio documentary about one guy's infatuation with what might have been. As a child, Dan Gediman was chosen to be one of the "Zoom" kids on the 1970s public television show "Zoom." But the deal fell through. As an adult Gediman went to find and interview the kids who were on the show to see what he missed. This segment can also be heard on the next edition of the Public Radio International program This American Life, from WBEZ.


Bill Nye Discusses Being "The Science Guy."

Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Through his long-running PBS show, Nye continues to teach kids about the fun and magic of science. The show "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is also in syndication and Nye has released a series of themed videos culled from his shows. (Interview by Barbara Bogaev)

TV show host and public science educator Bill Nye

Bob Dorough Discusses Creating the Music of "Schoolhouse Rock."

Jazz musician, Bob Dorough, musical director of the 1970s educational TV series, "Schoolhouse Rock" and composer of the popular song "Three is a Magic Number". A new CD, "School House Rock Rocks", has been released with contemporary artists such as Blind Melon, Lemonheads and Pavement, playing the old songs. Also, just published, "School House Rock: The Official Guide". (Hyperion Books) by the creators of the series, Tom Yohe and George Newall.


Actress and Producer Shelley Duvall.

Actress and producer Shelley Duvall. She was "discovered" by Robert Altman in 1970 and learned about acting on the set. She's been in Altman's films, "Brewster McCloud," "McCabe and Mrs. Miller," "Nashville," and others. Ten years ago she began producing her "Faerie Tale Theatre" on Showtime, an award-winning series of classic fairy tales featuring some of Hollywood's best actors, directors, and writers. Her new "Bedtime Stories," a weekly animated series premiers this month on Showtime.


Nickelodeon Special Takes Children Seriously.

Television critic David Bianculli previews "Nickelodeon Special Edition: A Conversation with Magic." on the Nickelodeon network in which Magic Johnson discusses AIDS with a group of kids. (David says, don't miss it).


A Children's Show Worth Watching

TV critic David Bianculli reviews Shining Time Station, a kids' show starring Ringo Starr and acted out with tabletop train sets. Bianculli says he liked it almost as much as his toddlers did.


"Pee Wee's Playhouse" and other Home Video Releases.

Ken Tucker reviews the new Pee Wee Herman video that's culled from three episodes from his Saturday morning TV show. Herman is the twitty host of the popular show, and the star of the hit film "Pee Wee's Big Adventure."


Behind the Scenes of "Howdy Doody."

Stephen Davis, whose new book Say Kids! What Time is it? recounts the history of the "Howdy Doody Show," TV's first hit kid's show. The book looks at the early days of television in New York, and the cast that made up Doodyville - Buffalo Bob, Princess Summerfall Winterspring, Clarabell and Chief Thunderthud.


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