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Jacqueline Du Pré's Brief, but Brilliant, Life and Career.

Ellen Pfeifer, music critic for The Boston Herald, reviews the brief career of cellist Jacqueline Du Pré, who died on Monday from the effects of multiple sclerosis. Her playing was a described as a mixture of elegance and ferocity. When the disease struck at the age of 26, it cut short one of the most promising solo careers in all classical music.


Investigating the AIDS Crisis.

Randy Shilts, author of And the Band Played On - Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic, a controversial book that reveals the identity of the first person to the bring AIDS to the United States. The book also raises questions about the government's response to the crisis.


Gender Roles and Language.

Language Commentator Geoffrey Nunberg discusses whether it's possible, or even desirable, to eliminate gender bias in language.


Ray Sharkey Discusses Acting and Addiction.

Actor Ray Sharkey. He starred last season in the television series "Wiseguy." His feature film credits include a fast-talking rock promoter in "The Idolmaker," a romantic dreamer in "Love and Money," and a sadistic killer in "Who'll Stop the Rain." Sharkey won the Golden Globe award as best actor in 1982 for his performance in "The Idolmaker."


The New Test For the HIV Antibody.

A discussion about what it's like to test positive for the HIV antibody but not have AIDS. The panel includes members of the New York City group Body Positive, a support group that counsels people who have tested positive for the antibody.


Actress Zelda Rubenstein.

Actress Zelda Rubenstein. After being cast as one of the little people in the film "Under the Rainbow," she played the clairvoyant in "Poltergeist." She now stars in the new horror film "Anguish."


Grateful Dead Lyricist's New Solo Album.

Lyricist and songwriter Robert Hunter. He's best known for his 28-year collaboration with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, writing the lyrics to the classics "Uncle John's Band" and "Truckin," and the recent hit "Touch of Grey." He has a new solo album titled "Liberty."


AIDS and the Heterosexual Community: Differing Viewpoints.

Drs. William Masters, Virginia Johnson and Robert Kolodny discuss their controversial book Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS. They argue in the book that the risk to the heterosexual population posed by the AIDS virus has been dramatically understated. Drs. Masters and Johnson are best-known for their work on sexuality, particularly the book Human Sexual Response. Also, a seven-minute interview with Nancy Padian, who is directing a California study into the transmission of AIDS in heterosexual couples.


Ed White Discusses Coming Out.

Ed White, author of the autobiographical novels A Boy's Own Story and The Beautiful Room Is Empty, which tell of his coming of age and maturing as a gay man. White now lives in Paris and writes for Vogue magazine. (Interview by Faith Middleton)


The Names Project's AIDS Quilt.

Cleve Jones, founder of the Names Project, which inspired the sewing of three-foot by six-foot panels in memory of victims of AIDS. The project culminated in the assembly of the patches in Washington last October in a quilt the size of two football fields. A 24-city tour of the quilt to raise money for AIDS research starts later this month. (Interview by Faith Middleton)


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