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AIDS and the Heterosexual Community: Differing Viewpoints.

Drs. William Masters, Virginia Johnson and Robert Kolodny discuss their controversial book Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS. They argue in the book that the risk to the heterosexual population posed by the AIDS virus has been dramatically understated. Drs. Masters and Johnson are best-known for their work on sexuality, particularly the book Human Sexual Response. Also, a seven-minute interview with Nancy Padian, who is directing a California study into the transmission of AIDS in heterosexual couples.


Other segments from the episode on March 8, 1988

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, March 8, 1988: Interview with William Masters, Virginia Johnson, and Robert Kolodny, and Nancy Padian; Commentary on The New York Dolls; Interview with Jeffrey Essmann;…


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