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T. J. English Discusses the Irish Mob.

Author and Journalist T.J. English. His new book is "The Westies: Inside the Hell's Kitchen Irish Mob." From the 1960's to the 1980's the mob led by James Coonan terrorized Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Testimony from a former hitman of the gang, Mickey Featherstone, eventually broke up the gang. English's book has been called, "a grotesque chronicle" of the gang and "reminiscent of Poe and Dostoyevsky in subject and character," by New York Newsday. English's book is published by Putnam.


Other segments from the episode on March 21, 1990

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, March 21, 1990: Interview with T. J. English; Interview with Dave McKenna; Interview with Heberto Padilla; Commentary on Californian accents.


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