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Jim Sheridan

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Irish Film Director Jim Sheridan

His best-known films include My Left Foot and In the Name of the Father. His new film, In America, is based in part on his own experience immigrating to the United States with a family of four. They moved to Hell's Kitchen in New York, flat broke in the midst of the summer heat.


Jim Sheridan Discusses "The Boxer."

Film director/writer/producer Jim Sheridan. His films include "My Left Foot" and "In the Name of the Father" both which starred Daniel Day-Lewis. His latest film is "The Boxer" which also stars Day-Lewis. The story is about former IRA member who returns home after 14 years in prison.


Gerry Conlon and Jim Sheridan Discuss "In the Name of the Father."

Author and former British prisoner, Belfast-born Gerry Conlon. In his memoir, "In the Name of the Father," he tells the story of his wrongful conviction and fifteen-year imprisonment by the British Government for the 1974 terrorist bombings of two pubs near London. He was in prison with his father, Giuseppe, who was also falsely convicted as a co-conspirator in the bombings.

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