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Robert Sam Anson discusses his experiences as a reporter during the Vietnam War.

Reporter Robert Sam Anson. While a young reporter for Time Magazine in Cambodia during the Vietnam War, Anson was captured by the North Vietnamese and their allies in the Khmer Rouge. He's written a book about that experience, but also about Time's reporting of the war. For much of the war, according to Anson, Time's hawkish stance compromised the work of its reporters, himself included. Anson's earlier books include "They've Killed the President!": The Search for the Murderers of John F. Kennedy, and Best Intentions: The Education and Killing of Edmund Perry.


Other segments from the episode on August 29, 1989

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, August 29, 1982: Interview with Robert Sam Anson; Commentary on Willie MItchell; Interview with John Lasseter; Review of Bruce Chatwin's essay collection "What am I Doing…


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