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New Essays Satirize the 1980s.

Book critic John Leonard reviews Barbara Ehrenreich's new collection of essays, "The Worst Years of Our Life."


Other segments from the episode on May 22, 1990

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, May 22, 1990: Interview with Michael Herr; Interview with James Toback; Review of Barbara Ehrenreich's book "The Worst Years of Our Life."


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Fresh Air has broken the mold of “talk show” by weaving together superior journalism and intimate storytelling from modern-day intellectuals, politicians and artists alike. Through probing questions and careful research, Gross’s interviews are lauded for revealing a fresh perspective on cultural icons and trends. Her thorough conversations are often complemented by commentary from well-known contributors.

Fresh Air is produced at WHYY-FM in Philadelphia and broadcast nationally by NPR.

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