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James Toback

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Director James Toback.

Director James Toback. He wrote and directed his new film, "Two Girls and a Guy" about a love triangle, and an unfaithful boyfriend. It stars Robert Downey Jr. Toback's other films include "Love and Money," "Exposed," "The Pick-Up Artist," and "The Big Bang." He wrote the screenplays for "Bugsy" and "The Gambler."


A Conversation Between David Thomson and James Toback.

Film critic David Thomson and filmmaker and director James Toback. They interview each other for a revival of round table discussion at "Spoken Word at the Algonquin" in New York city's famous Algonquin Hotel, and discuss the state of moviemaking and movie criticism today. Thomson's latest book is "Beneath Mulholland: Thoughts on Hollywood and its Ghosts" (Knopf). Toback directed the movies "Fingers," "Exposed," and "The Pick up Artist."

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