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'Fresh Air' at 25: a Live Musical Tribute

This year marked the 25h anniversary of Fresh Air as a national NPR program. This episode looks back at some of the great live musical performances from the show's archive, including songs from Shirley Horn, Loudon Wainwright III, Susannah McCorkle, Nick Lowe and Richard Thompson.


Volcanologist Dan Miller.

Volcanologist and resident geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey Dan Miller. He also heads the Survey’s Volcano Disaster Assistance program which helps developing countries in the event of volcanic eruption. Miller was part of the team of geologists who studied Mt. St. Helens and predicted a blast before the turn of this last century. Mt. St. Helens blew May 18th, 1980. His team studied the frequency and past characteristics of eruption in Mt. St. Helens and put together hazard assessments for local officials.


Remembering Jaki Byard.

We remember jazz composer and musician Jaki Byard. ("BY-ARD") He was found dead from a gunshot wound a week ago in his house in Queens. His death was ruled a homicide. He was 76. Byard was considered a stylistic virtuoso, who moved quickly in his playing from boogie-woogie to free jazz. He played with Charles Mingus and Rahassaan Roland Kirk and the Duke Ellington orchestra. Byard was also the composer of the first Fresh Air theme. We remember him with an interview and concert that originally aired 6/5/87. Byard is joined by tuba and bass player Ralph Hamperian.

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