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Laugh Tracks Get Worse

TV Critic David Bianculli talks about the history of television laugh tracks and a new development in their usage.


Comics and Charity.

Critic Laurie Stone comments on two newsworthy comedy events from last weekend--comic Andrew Dice Clay's controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live, and the Comedy Relief special on HBO.


Louise DuArt is More than a Mimic.

Critic Laurie Stone reviews the work of impressionist Louise DuArt. On her recent Showtime special, DuArt portrayed everyone from Cher to Barbara Walters, Woody Allen to Doctor Ruth.


The Rise of Richard Lewis.

Commentator Laurie Stone has some thoughts about comedian Richard Lewis, standup comic, and star of the show "Anything but Love."


What's So Funny about 43 White Men?

Critic-at-large Laurie Stone, just back from the "Just for Laughs Festival," a stand up comedy festival in Montreal, assesses the current state of standup.


Funny Gay Males Are True to Their Name

The comedy collective, comprising Bob Smith, Danny McWilliams, and Jaffe Cohen, perform comedy free of the gay bashing, racism, and misogyny often associated with standup. Critic Laurie Stone has this profile.

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