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This Book Introduces You To The People Doing Your 'Dirty Work'

For his new book, Dirty Work, Eyal Press interviewed people working punishingly difficult jobs — slaughterhouse employees, correctional officers, oil rig workers, military drone operators. He writes that these workers often do jobs that many of us believe we benefit from — in the form of lower prices, safer streets or cheaper energy — but don't really want to think about.


How Poetry Preserves our Individuality in the Corporate World

David Whye is a poet who uses poetry to teach corporate executives and employees how to find satisfaction in the workplace. In his new book, "The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America," Whyte looks at the ways people can use their careers not only as a means to earning a living, but as a way of finding personal happiness. He has served as a consultant for such companies as AT&T and Kodak, and runs a small press in Seattle, Washington.


"Tales from the Assembly Line."

Writer Ben Hamper. His funny first-person account of working in GM's auto factory is "Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line." Hamper is a third generation auto worker in Flint, Michigan.


Poet Philip Levine On "What Work Is."

Poet Philip Levine. Levine's considered one of this country's preeminent poet, but before he turned to poetry he put in years working factory jobs. The images of those early days continue to influence his writings. Levine's latest collection of poems is called "What Work Is." (It's published by Knopf).


"Anything but Love" Is Anything but Cutting-Edge

TV critic David Bianculli calls the new sitcom, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis, has an intriguing premise and promising cast, but it follows a familiar, cookie-cutter formula, and its writing needs work.


The End of the TV Writer's Strike

TV critic David Bianculli is in Los Angeles for a press tour. Now that the five-month long writers' strike has come to an end, he discusses the upcoming television season -- which he finds largely unimpressive -- with Fresh Air guest host Sedge Thomson.


Al Franken, Part 1: Political Satire.

The first of a two-part interview with comedian and political satirist Al Franken. Along with partner Tom Davis, Franken has written for and performed on "Saturday Night Live" since 1975. This first part focuses on Franken's political satire, which is in full bloom during the current presidential primary season.


"Triple Threat" John Sayles.

Film director and actor John Sayles. His films include "The Return of the Secaucus Seven," "Baby It's You" and "Brother From Another Planet." His new film is "Matewan," about a coal miner's strike in West Virginia.


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