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AudioVisions: "Untitled" by Jody Pinto.

As part of Fresh Air's AudioVisions series, sculptor JODY PINTO offers this untitled "radio-sculpture," which explores the line between interview and interrogation, and explores themes such as amputation and excavation. Pinto is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She is known for her installation pieces, which sometimes evoke strong feelings.


Tepilit Ole Saitoti: Man of the Maasai.

Tepilit Ole Saitoti is a Maasai warrior and conservationist who was the subject of the film "Man of Serengetti." After the film, the Kenyan earned a degree in creative writing in the U. S. He joins the show to discuss his new book of photography with Carol Beckwith, "Maasai."


Painter Sidney Goodman

The renown artist was born in South Philadelphia. In contrast to many of his contemporaries, he has eschewed abstraction in his work, instead choosing to pursue realist painting.


Painter and Sculptor Robert Indiana

The artist's iconic LOVE statue can be see in Philadelphia's JFK plaza. Indiana, now based in Maine, tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the trajectory of his career as a literary painter to a socially-conscious sculptor.


A Sculptor Brings A Musical Aesthetic to Public Art

Philadelphia-based artist Raphael Ferrer gave up a career in jazz to become a visual artist. He has just completed a sculpture in Fairhill Square Park. He tell Terry Gross about his unique aesthetic and his particular investment in vibrant Latino neighborhoods thriving in blighted areas of the Bronx and Philadelphia.


Sculptor Red Grooms Brings Public Art to Philadelphia

The artist was commissioned to create a piece for the city, which he titled Philadelphia Cornucopia. The installation features whimsical portrayals of historical figures from early American history. His public art has also been featured in New York and Minneapolis.


Bassist and Photographer Milt Hinton

In addition to being an in-demand bass player, Milt Hinton is an accomplished photographer. His portraits offer a candid look into the lives of famous jazz musicians. He and Fresh Air host Terry Gross talk about the experience of black musicians touring the segregated South and listen to highlights from Hinton's recording career.


Neil Welliver's Paintings of Maine.

Painter Neil Welliver is known as "neoimpressionist" and for his landscapes of the Maine countryside. He divides his time between Maine and Philadelphia where he works at the University of Pennsylvania. The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University is hosting a exhibition of his work, "Neil Welliver: Painting 1966-1980."


"Jules Feiffer's America."

Jules Feiffer is a cartoonist known for satirizing the middle class, politicians, and sexual attitudes in his comic strip "Feiffer.". He began his career at The Village Voice and is now syndicated nationally. Feiffer has also written several screenplays, including "Little Murders." A new collection of his work "Jules Feiffer's America: From Eisenhower to Reagan."


The New Wave of Expressionism in Modern Art.

Fresh Air arts critic Judy Stein shares upcoming arts events in Philadelphia and reviews the New Expressionist show of painting and photography, "The Raw Edge," at the Cheltenham Arts Center, as well the show of Post-Modern prints, "The New Image" at the Association of American Artists Gallery.


Growing Up Asian-American.

Poet and performer Lane Kiyomi Nishikawa will be performing his one-man show about being Asian American "Life in the Fast Kabe: Requiem for a Sansei Poet" in Philadelphia. The show contains stories and poems based on his life in Hawaii and San Francisco. He joins the show to discuss his work and life.


A Photographer "In America"

After relocating to England and publishing a book documenting Chinese life, Eve Arnold returned to her home country to capture different facets of the American experience, including Native Americans, biker gangs, Jerry Falwell, and the Ku Klux Klan,


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