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Duane Hanson

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Remembering Duane Hanson.

Sculptor Duane Hanson died on Saturday in a Baca Raton hospital in Florida at the age of 70. The cause was non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, according to the The Miami Herald. We'll hear an interview with Hanson conducted in 1990. Hanson was known internationally for his life-size super-realistic sculptures of people. His sculptures are so life-like that a museum worker in Florida once called the fire department for help when one of Hanson's sculptures failed to respond to his attempts to get her attention. Hanson was born in Alexandria, Minn in 1925. [Originally broadcast 6/18/90]


Duane Hanson's Lifelike Sculpture.

Sculptor Duane Hanson. His life-size sculptures look almost real, and are of everyday folks -- tacky tourists, cleaning ladies, blue-collar workers. His first solo-exhibition is currently running at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.


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