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Lane Nishikawa

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Asian American Actor and Writer Lane Nishikawa

Nishikawa's one-man show "I'm on a Mission from Buddha," is about some of the culturally-based absurdities he's endured as a Japanese-American. Nishikawa said he wrote it to answer, "all the nerdy, cliche-ridden, Asian-American images." His characters include a Japanese-American World War Two hero and a Sushi-phobic redneck. "I'm on a Mission from Buddha," can also be seen on PBS.


Growing Up Asian-American.

Poet and performer Lane Kiyomi Nishikawa will be performing his one-man show about being Asian American "Life in the Fast Kabe: Requiem for a Sansei Poet" in Philadelphia. The show contains stories and poems based on his life in Hawaii and San Francisco. He joins the show to discuss his work and life.


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