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Writer Nahid Rachlin.

Nahid Rachlin. ("na-HEED ROCK-lin") She was born in Iran, but came to the United States to go to school. She decided to stay, and today lives and writes in New York. She's just published her 3rd book; her novels and stories weave together the lives of two kinds of Iranians: those who stay in their country, and those who come to America. Her first two novels, "Foreigner," and "Married To a Stranger," are both critically acclaimed. Her latest book, a collection of short stories, is called "Veils." (City Lights Books)


Other segments from the episode on June 9, 1992

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, June 9, 1992: Interview with Nahid Rachlin; Interview with Paul Theroux; Review of the television documentary "Street Scenes: New York on Film."


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