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Writer Larry McMurtry.

Larry McMurtry is considered one of Texas most prominent fiction writers even though he has not lived in that state for nearly two decades. Over his career, he has written 19 novels...including the 1986 Pulitzer Prize winning book Lonesome Dove.. His newest Dead Man’s Walk (Simon & Schuster 1995) takes readers to the early days of his Lonesome Dove heroes Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call. Other books by McMurtry include: Streets of Laredo (sequel to Lonesome Dove), Terms of Endearment and The Last Picture Show.


Other segments from the episode on November 22, 1995

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, November 22, 1995: Interview with Larry McMurtry; Review of Little Buster and the Soul Brothers' album "Right on Time"; Interview with Corby Kummer; Review of the film…


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