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Walking Into the Heart of the Los Angeles Riots.

Gregory Alan-WIilliams, Emmy Award winning actor, author and playwright. He has written "A Gathering of Heroes, Reflections on Rage and Responsibility," a memoir of the Los Angeles Riots (Academy Chicago Publishers). On April 29, 1992, Alan-WIilliams, an African American, heard that violence had erupted in South Central L.A. and chose to walk into the heart of the riot. He ended up risking his own life to rescue a Japanese American man who was being brutally beaten by some in the angry crowd. Alan-WIilliams talks about the forces that took him into the melee and fueled his heroism and the lessons he took out.


Other segments from the episode on February 8, 1994

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, February 8, 1994: Interview with Gregory Alan-Williams; Interview with Caryl Phillips; Review of the film "I'll Do Anything."


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