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Theater Legend Robert Brustein.

Theatre critic, director, and educator Robert Brustein (pronounced "steen," not "stein"). Brustein is a venerable voice in the American theatre...he's the founder and Artistic Director of the American Repertory Company, director of the Harvard Drama Center (he held a similar position at Yale for 13 years), drama critic for the New Republic for more than 30 years and the author of seven books on the theatre. Among them "The Theatre of Revolt" and a collection of essays called "Who Needs Theatre." (published respectively by Atlantic, Little, and Brown, and Atlantic Monthly Press).




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Other segments from the episode on February 20, 1990

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, February 20, 1990: Interview with Robert Brustein; Commentary on 2 tone music; Interview with Peter Wang; Review of Peggy Noonan's book "What I Saw at the Revolution."


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