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Russell Baker Discusses His "Good Times."

Writer Russell Baker. Since 1962, Baker has written the twice-weekly "Observer" column for "The New York Times." For satire and parody on short notice, Baker has few equals in journalism. His 1982 memoir, "Growing Up," told of how his widowed mother guided Baker and his sister through the Depression with fervent exhortations about the value of hard work. "Growing Up" earned Baker the Pulitzer Prize and remained on the best-seller lists for a year. His second book of memoirs, titled "The Good Times," has just been published. "The Good Times" covers Baker's start in the world of journalism as a cub reporter at the Baltimore Sun and takes the reader through Baker's arrival at the "Times'" Washington bureau. (Rebroadcast. Originally broadcast on June 13, 1989).


Other segments from the episode on October 9, 1989

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, October 9, 1989: Interview with Russell Baker; Commentary on Coleman Hawkins; Interview with Jeroen Krabbé; Review of the television show "Mancuso, F.B.I."


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