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Dutch Actor Jeroen Krabbé.

Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbé. A major star in his native Netherlands, he has also established himself in international cinema. His film credits include "Turtle Diary," "No Mercy," "A World Apart," "Crossing Delancey" and "Scandal." His best-known role was a Russian spy in the James Bond film "The Living Daylights." Krabbé says it was his role as an sensuous emigre writer in "Crossing Delancey" that helped break Hollywood's view of him as suitable only for East Bloc generals.


Jeroen Krabbe on Playing the Foreigner

The Dutch stage and screen actor is often cast as a Russian character, including in the new movie Scandal. In the Netherlands, he often worked with director Paul Verhoeven. In the U.S., he's best known for his role as a womanizer in Crossing Delancey.

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