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Novelist Isabel Allende on Losing Her Daughter

Allende's first work of non-fiction, "Paula," is now a bestseller in paperback. The book was inspired when her 28 year old daughter fell into an irreversible coma. It began as a letter to her dying daughter and turned into an autobiographical work telling of life from Allende's childhood in Chile to her exile in Venezuela and her move to San Francisco. Publisher's Weekly says, "Only a writer of Allende's passion and skill could share her tragedy with her readers and leave them exhilarated and grateful." (ORIGINALLY BROADCAST 5/1/95)


Other segments from the episode on July 26, 1996

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, July 26, 1996: Interview with Isabel Allende; Review of the album "The Complete Aladdin Recordings of Lester Young"; Obituary for Jessica Mitford.


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