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Nan Robertson Discusses the History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

New York Times reporter Nan Robertson. Her new book, Getting Better: Inside Alcoholics Anonymous, reveals the inner workings of Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the most successful self-help movements of modern times. The book is based on four years of research, which included access to A.A.'s archives and some of the key figures who helped chart the course of the movement, as well as interviews with A.A.'s rank-and-file members. Herself a recovering alcoholic, Robertson won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winner for her account of her own near-fatal attack of toxic-shock syndrome.


Other segments from the episode on April 26, 1988

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, April 26, 1988: Interview with Nan Robertson; Commentary on TK Productions; Interview with Pedro Almodovar; Review of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel "Love in the Time of…


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