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Dancer Edward Villella Stays in Ballet After Retirement.

Dancer Edward Villella. For thirty years he was a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet where his performances in Balanchine's "Apollo" and "Prodigal Son," first brought him to critical acclaim. Though shorter in stature than most dancers, Villella, has been heralded for his ability to handle vigorous athletic roles with grace. Villella developed his dancing style under the guidance of choreographer George Balanchine. He was also influenced by choreographer Jerome Robbins. For the past four years, Villella has served as artistic director for the newly formed Miami City Ballet. The company is known for its repertoire of Balanchine ballets as well as ballets by America's most talented contemporary choreographers. The Miami City Ballet will be performing at Annenberg Center in Philadelphia from April 11 through the 14th.


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Fresh Air with Terry Gross, April 11, 1990: Interview with Edward Villella; Review of Pablo Casals' album "Sinfonia Concertante in E-Flat, K. 364 ; Divertimento in E-Flat, K. 563"; Interview with Tom…


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