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Creating Art in the Soviet Union and New York.

Soviet-born artists Vitaly Komar and Aleksandr Melamid. The pair are the creators of two huge, multi-paneled works called "Yalta 1945" and "Winter in Moscow 1977." Both works are being shown in America for the first time at the Brooklyn Museum. "Yalta 1945" is made of 31 4x4 foot panels depicting Lenin and the four leaders from the Yalta Conference. "Winter in Moscow 1977" uses 26 panels to show Komar and Melamid's home town shortly before they fled to the West. The exhibit closes today (June 4th). (Rebroadcast. Original date 3/20/90).


Other segments from the episode on June 4, 1990

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, June 4, 1990: Interview with Annie Ross; Review of Miles Davis's album "Birth of the Cool"; Interview with Vitaly Komar and Aleksandr Melamid; Review of the television…


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