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Actor David Clennon on His Career After "thirtysomething"

Many listeners will know Clennon from his role as Miles Drentell on the ABC TV show "thirtysomething." He received and Emmy nomination for the part. Now he plays a drug dealer in the new Paul Schrader film "Light Sleeper" along with Willem Dafoe and Susan Sarandon. He's also been in the films "Missing," "the Right Stuff," "Sweet Dreams," "The Thing," "The Paper Chase," and many others. Offscreen, he's very active in Central American politics.


Other segments from the episode on September 14, 1992

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, September 14, 1992: Interview with Abraham Rodriquez; Review of Betty Carter's albums "It's Not About the Melody" and "I Can't Help It"; Interview with David Clennon.


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