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Dublin Actor and Sculptor Corban Walker.

Dublin actor and sculptor Corban Walker. He is making his film debut in "Frankie Starlight." The film is based on the novel "The Dark of Cork" by American author Chet Raymo about a dwarf who is an amateur astronomer who is love with beautiful women and the stars. The film is produced by Noel Pearson who also produced "My Left Foot." Walker is "of small stature." The film also stars Gabriel Byrne and Matt Dillon. (THIS INTERVIEW CONTINUES INTO THE REVIEW SEGMENT)


On the Anniversary of World War I, Tim Pat Coogan Discusses the Irish Conflict.

Irish writer and journalist Tim Pat Coogan. In the expanded edition of his twenty-some year old book, "The IRA: A History" (Roberts Rinehart), Coogan explains the historical background of the Irish struggles. For hundreds of years the Irish Republican Army has been fighting for home rule in Northern Ireland...their latest attack was a massive bombing of London last April. "The IRA: A History," is being released for the first time in the U.S., thought it's been required reading for British and Irish Military officers alike.


Writer Shane Connaughton.

Irish screenwriter and novelist Shane Connaughton co-wrote the screenplay for "My Left Foot." Now he's written the screenplay for the new film "The Playboys," starring Aidan Quinn and Albert Finney.(Samuel Goldwyn) He also has a new novel out called "The Run of The Country." (St. Martin's Press)


A Charming, if Slight Musical.

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews "The Commitments," the new movie about a struggling R 'n' B band in Dublin, Ireland. The film's directed by Alan Parker, who made the movie "Mississippi Burning" and "Fame."


The Producer and Director of "My Left Foot."

Fresh Air producer Amy Salit interviews producer Noel Pearson and director Jim Sheridan of the film "My Left Foot." The film tells the story of Christy Brown, who became a painter and writer in spite of having cerebral palsy. Pearson, who produced the film, knew Christy and his family and Sheridan co-wrote as well as directed it. "My Left Foot," a first film for both, has been nominated for Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Picture.


A Perfect Novel for St. Patrick's Day.

Critic Maureen Corrigan gives us her family's version of how to celebrate St. Patricks Day, and recommends the novel "Motherland" by Timothy O'Grady as perfect St. Patrick's Day reading.


Director and Screenwriter Neil Jordan

Jordan was a fiction writer before becoming a filmmaker. His early cinematic work was financed by the British network Channel 4. His newest movie, a supernatural comedy called High Sprits, is his first big-budget feature. Jordan made his mark with Mona Lisa, a noir about call girl and her driver.


Chronicle of Ireland's "Troubles."

Book Critic John Leonard reviews Belfast Diary, the non-fiction account of the civil war that has flared through Northern Ireland. The author is Chicago journalist John Conroy.


Film Producer John Kelleher

The Irish filmmaker joins Fresh Air to talk about the difficulties of movie production in his home country. His new movie, directed by Peter Ormond, is called Eat the Peach.


A Conversation with "A Couple of Blaguards"

Scholar Frank McCourt and his brother, actor Malachi McCourt, grew up poor in Ireland before finding success in the United States. Both brothers were voracious readers and were able to find success without a high school education. They wrote and perform together in a new, autobiographical play.


Acting On Stage and On Film with Milo O'Shea.

Milo O'Shea is an Irish actor currently starring as a priest in "Mass Appeal" at the Walnut Street Theater. He played the same role on Broadway for which he won several awards and was nominated for a Tony award. O'Shea has appeared in numerous films and plays. He will appear with Paul Newman in the upcoming film "The Verdict."


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