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Milt Gabler On the Commodore Records Sessions.

Milt Gabler has a storied history in jazz and pop music as the owner of the Commodore Record Shop and the Commodore Record label. He's also worked with artists such as Coleman Hawkins, Jelly Roll Morton, and Billie Holliday, whose "Strange Fruit" Gabler produced. He joins the show to discuss his career.


Peter Mintun's Tribute to the Women of Tin Pan Alley.

"Society" Pianist Peter Mintun performs many forgotten songs from the first half of this century. His new CD is "Your's for a Song: The Women of Tin Pan Alley." (Premier Recordings) Peter Mintun’s music is synonymous with San Francisco society. He has performed with symphony orchestras, entertained royalty, film and stage stars, and sometimes the composers themselves.


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