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Peggy King on Singing and Television.

Singer and lyricist Peggy King was well known in the 1950s, especially for her appearances on television variety programs, such as the Mel Torme Show. She left the business to raise her children in Philadelphia, but has returned to performance. King will perform with the Philly Pops, singing a Johnny Mercer set.


Tony Bennett On Creating His Own Musical Path.

Tony Bennett is one of the foremost interpreters of American popular songs. Bennett will perform with the Count Basie Orchestra at the Valley Forge Music Fair next week. He joins the show to discuss his music, his career, and the music industry of the past and present.


Punk Rock Actress, Edie Massey.

Edie Massey is an actress known for her eccentric roles in John Waters' films. She has appeared in "Pink Flamingos" "Multiple Maniacs," and "Polyester." She was discovered by the director in a Baltimore bar, and she also runs a thrift store, "Edith's Shopping Bag," in the city. Massey also heads a punk act and is performing in Philadelphia tonight. She plays a mixture of Connie Francis and Four Seasons' songs, as well as originals.


Singer and Songwriter John Sebastian

The former Lovin' Spoonful frontman talks about his career in rock and folk music, his experiences during the landmark Woodstock Festival, and his musical-in-progress, an adaptation of the novel Charlotte's Web.


Bob Dorough: The Fresh Air Concert

The songwriter, singer and jazz pianist performs his songs for Fresh Air. He talks about his approach to writing, his distinctive vocal style, and how he keeps his arrangements fresh.


A Late-Night Legend and the "Funny People" Who Inspire Him

Comedian, television host and musician Steve Allen performs his original songs and compositions for Fresh Air. He also talks about his career as the host of his own late-night television program and his new book, Funny People, which pays homage to some of his favorite comedians.


Jazz Critic Gary Giddins

The Village Voice writer has a new anthology of his music writing called Riding on a Blue Note. His tastes have expanded from jazz to pop vocals, including Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Giddins also finds much to love about contemporary European and avant-garde jazz.


Bobby Short On American Composers of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Bobby Short is a singer and pianist who is known for keeping the tradition of the American Songbook alive. He has recently gained fame amongst a new audience for his work in television commercials. He joins the show to discuss American composers such as the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Cy Coleman, Rodgers and Hart, Burt Bacarach, and Stephen Sondheim.


Lyricist Sammy Cahn

Sammy Cahn is a prolific lyricist who wrote countless classic songs, including for musicals and films. He explains how he hears words in melodies and shares anecdotes about his many collaborations over the years.


Finding a Hit Record

Music critic Kal Rudman discusses how he identifies hit records for different demographics. He writes for the popular trade publication Friday Morning Quarterback.


Milt Gabler On the Commodore Records Sessions.

Milt Gabler has a storied history in jazz and pop music as the owner of the Commodore Record Shop and the Commodore Record label. He's also worked with artists such as Coleman Hawkins, Jelly Roll Morton, and Billie Holliday, whose "Strange Fruit" Gabler produced. He joins the show to discuss his career.


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