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John Hockenberry Discusses His Career Covering the Middle East.

Journalist John Hockenberry. For the past two years he's been National Public Radio's foreign correspondent in the Middle East, where he covered events from his wheelchair. He's also served as host for "All Things Considered," "SoundPrint," and other shows. In 1987 he won a Peabody and in 1988, a Unity in Media award. In March, he'll be hosting "Heat," a new nightly interview, performance, and call-in show over NPR.


Dancer Bill T. Jones.

Dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones. For years, Jones collaborated and performed with his partner/lover Arnie Zane. After Zane's death from AIDS in 1988, Jones has continued to dance with the company he and Zane formed. The company is based on a philosophy that disdains the formal training of ballet and draws on athleticism, discovery, and the beauty of the movements of "everyday people."


Living After AIDS.

Author Paul Monette. His memoir, "Borrowed Time," (Avon books) told his story of living with death and aids. His latest book is a novel, "Afterlife," (Crown books) about how three different men deal with the grief of losing a lover from aids. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Tom Robbins' "Pop-Baroque" Style of Writing.

Novelist Tom Robbins. His latest book "Skinny Legs and All," (Bantam Books) involves a young Virginia artist, Ellen Cherry, who moves to New York to pursue an art career and ends up a waitress at Isaac & Ishmael's, a restaurant owned by an Arab and a Jew which sits across the street from the United Nations. Other characters of note: Salome, the teenage belly dancer, and some magical objects: a conch, a stick, a sock, a can o'beans, and a spoon.


Andrew Weil Discusses "Complementary" Medicine.

Physician Andrew Weil. Weil is a leading proponent of "alternative" ways of healing...he advocates proper diet, exercise, mental techniques, and herbal remedies as ways to wellness. Weil's new book is called, "Natural Health, Natural Medicine: A Comprehensive Manual for Wellness and Self-Care." It's published by Houghton Mifflin.


Songwriter John Hiatt Tries for a Hit of His Own.

Musician and songwriter John Hiatt. Hiatt spent years writing country tunes for other performers. In the past few years he's come into his own as a performer, with several critically-acclaimed albums. His latest is called "Stolen Moments," on A&M Records.


Jazz Saxophonist Stan Getz.

Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz dropped out of school and went on the road at 15. He only took a few lessons on his instrument, instead learning by playing with other musicians. He's been popular in both jazz and pop. His latest album is Apasionado.


A Reporter on the AIDS Beat

Journalist Randy Shilts just returned from the latest International AIDS Conference in San Francisco. He says there is a revitalized push for the development of new drug treatments and a vaccine. Yet there have been protests against the volunteer-based model of AIDS outreach and treatment. After eight years, Shilts plans to stop reporting on the disease.


Bioethicist Ruth Macklin

Ruth Macklin is an ethicist who helped develop a new philosophical approach to patient-focused care. She advocates for the informed consent model of medical treatment, and advises doctors and medical professionals on the best way to help resolve difficult issues, especially when their desires conflict with those of the patient.


"Darkman" Has Action, Finesse and Fun

Stephen Schiff reviews the new operatic, gothic action movie directed by Sam Raimi. He says it may not live up to its lofty, Phantom of the Opera-like pretensions, but he praises the film for its comic book-like exuberance.


Songwriter John Hiatt Tries for a Hit of His Own

Artists like Bonnie Raitt and Bob Dylan had hits with songs by John Hiatt. Despite Hiatt's success as a songwriter, he hasn't yet topped the charts as a performer. He joins Fresh Air to talk about his career, quitting drinking, and his new album, Stolen Moments.


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