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The DLC Pushes Democrats to the Center

Jacob Weisberg, deputy editor at The New Republic, talks about the Democratic Leadership Council. Both Bill Clinton and his running-mate Senator Al Gore are members of this group, which was founded seven years ago in an effort to bring the party closer to center. The DLC opposes what it sees "as an interest-group beholden party leadership," writes Weisberg.


"It's the Economy, Stupid"

Harvard political economist Robert Reich. He advised his good friend President-elect Bill Clinton on economic issues. He talks about the economic challenges facing Clinton.


Former President Jimmy Carter

President Carter has written a new book about his early days in politics, "Turning Point: A Candidate, A State, and a Nation Come of Age," Terry will talk with him about his presidency, the work he's done since he's left the office, and what he thinks about a Clinton presidency.


What to Expect from a Clinton Presidency

Some reactions to the inauguration and thoughts about the new administration from satirist and voice actor Harry Shearer, language commentator Geoffrey Nunbert, and Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Middle East expert Geoffrey Kemp.


Turning Clinton Speeches Into Song

Producer Roger Kendis, AKA the Invisible Man, of Noisy Neighbors Productions. He's here in Philadelphia, and he's put together a rap recording with clips from Clinton's speeches, called "It's About Hope."


The Fate of Social Security

Journalist Phillip Longman specializes in politics and public policy. He'll talk with Terry about President Clinton's proposal to a impose higher-income tax on Social Security benefits for individuals with incomes over $25,000 and couples over $32,000. Longman is the author of "Born to Pay: The New Politics of Aging in America."


Lessons on Political Journalism from the 1992 Campaign

Media and Political Correspondent for The L.A. Times, Tom Rosenstiel. During the 1992 Presidential campaign, he followed the ABC news team to see how the news media and the candidates affected each other and the campaign. His new book is "Strange Bedfellows: How Television and the Presidential Candidates Changed American Politics, 1992."


Professor Marc Roberts Breaks Down the Clinton Health Care Plan.

Professor of Political Economy and Health Policy Marc Roberts. He's written a new book about the health care crisis: "Your Money or Your Life: The Health Care Crisis Explained." (Doubleday). Roberts will talk with Terry about Clinton's health care plan, which the president presented to Congress yesterday. Roberts is on the faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health and the John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Bill Clinton Reckons with a Republican Congress

Washington political commentator Elizabeth Drew, author of "On the Edge: The Clinton Presidency." The book examines Clinton's first eighteen months in office. She talks with Terry about last night's election and what it will mean for the White House.


The Potential Effects of U.S. Action in Bosnia

Journalist Misha Glenny has been covering the war in former Yugoslavia -- first as correspondent for the BBC and now as an independent journalist. He is the author of the book "The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War." He will talk about the decision of the U.S. to no longer participate in the enforcement of the arms embargo to Bosnia.


New Visions for Welfare Reform

We'll hear from Jason DeParle. He covers anti-poverty policy for the New York Times. With the new Congress in session, a major debate over America's social welfare policy is expected. DeParle talks about what proposals we're likely to see from the Republicans and from the Clinton Administration, and how these might affect women and African Americans in particular.


Jim Morris Subs for Bill Clinton for a Fresh Air Interview

Political satirist and impressionist Jim Morris began lampooning the presidents around the time Reagan was sworn in to office. Since then he's impersonated Bush and Clinton, as well as presidential contenders, Michael Dukakis, Paul Tsongas, and Ross Perot. The New Yorker says of Morris, "Like an obsessive character actor, Mr. Morris doesn't just impersonate his subjects; he becomes them."


The Political History of President Bill Clinton

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for The Washington Post, David Maraniss. He's just completed a new biography of President Clinton, "First in His Class." In researching the book, Maraniss interviewed more than 400 people, including Clinton's friends, relatives, and colleagues. One reviewer writes, "the portrait of Mr.


A Pollster on Political Realignments in the 1994 Election

Pollster Stanley B. Greenberg was senior advisor to Bill Clinton's presidential campaign and currently works for the Democratic National Committee. He is credited with recognizing, nearly ten years ago, the dissatisfaction among middle class voters with the two political parties. Greenberg has a new book about the historic forces that put Bill Clinton in the White House, and consequently led to 1994's midterm Republican landslide. It's called Middle Class Dreams: The Politics and Power of the New American Majority.

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