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Robert Krulwich

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"High Stakes in Cyberspace."

Journalist Robert Krulwich. He's correspondent for the PBS series Frontline. His documentary "High Stakes in Cyberspace" airs Tuesday, Oct. 31 (at 9 PM). Krulwich explores the growing industry of advertising in cyberspace, and its social and cultural impacts. He interviews software designers who are creating the new programs used by advertisers, and also the advertisers themselves, who are counting on the information superhighway as an arena where they can keep track of the buyers' behavior, and where they can also successfully market their products.


A New Gold Rush.

Television correspondent Robert Krulwich. In a Frontline production (co-produced with the Center for Investigative Reporting) called "Public Lands, Private Profits" to be aired at 9 p.m. tonight on PBS (check local listings), Krulwich examines today's gold mining industry--the impact of mining activities and the current political battle for control of mineral resources on public lands. The Mining Law of 1872 was passed to encourage settlement and development in the West. It's still on the books.


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