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James McBride Pays Tribute to His Mother.

Journalist and musician James McBride. His new book, is "The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to his White Mother" (Riverhead) about his mother who was white and Jewish, but refused to admit her race. McBride's father was black. For years, McBride knew nothing about his mother's early life. It wasn't until he started work on the book, that she opened up to tell him that her father was a failed itinerant Orthodox rabbi in rural Virginia, a racist, and he sexually abused her. McBride has written for "The Washington Post," "The Boston Globe," and "People" magazine. (Interview by Barbara Bogaev)


Other segments from the episode on January 25, 1996

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, January 25, 1996: Interview with James McBride; Interview with Leon Fleisher.


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