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How Ignorance of Their Bodies and Sex Allowed a Doctor to Assault Women for Years.

Writer Jack Olsen. He's been called a master of the `true crime' genre, and in his new book, Doc, he tells the story of how Dr. John Story, one of the most respected citizens of Lovell, Wyoming, systematically raped his patients, and how, in this ultra-conservative, God-fearing environment, the women either couldn't speak up, or, when they did, were dismissed. Lovell is set in Mormon country, and many of the women the doctor victimized feared excommunication for "fornication" if they when to the authorities, who, invariably, were also elders in the Mormon church. Olsen's story is of how the doctor ultimately raped the town itself, splitting it into factions of fierce defenders and equally fierce accusers. Story was eventually convicted and is now serving an extended prison sentence. Olsen is a former correspondent for Time Magazine. He's written 24 books, the best-known of which are Son and Give A Boy a Gun. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Other segments from the episode on July 17, 1989

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, July 17, 1989: Interview with Jack Olsen; Review of Duke Ellington's album "Private Collection, Vol. 10"; Interview with Allan Gurganus; Review of the television program …


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