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How Did the U. S. Get So Gun Crazy?

Journalist Erik Larson of the Wall Street Journal. Larson has been on the show before to talk about polling, privacy and direct marketing and about how a gun goes from the manufacturer to the hands of a teenager. In fact he's written a new book, "Lethal Passage: How the Travels of a Single Handgun Expose the Roots of America's Gun Crisis," (Crown Publishers). Today Terry will talk again with Larson about guns, about gun control laws, the NRA, etc. Larson is also the author of "The Naked Consumer: How Our Private Lives Become Public Commodities."


Other segments from the episode on January 24, 1994

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, January 24, 1994: Interview with Erik Larson; Review of Morphine's album "Cure for Pain"; Interview with Stephen Wright; Review of the film "Intersection."


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