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Filmmaker John Schlesinger is More Interested in Failure than Success.

Film director John Schlesinger. He started his career directing publicity films on the making of "The Guns of Navarone"; his first feature film was "Terminus," a documentary on 24 hours in the life of the enormous Waterloo train station. His films include "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "The Day of the Locust," "Marathon Man," and "Madame Sousatzka." His first American film was "Midnight Cowboy" which was first given an X rating when it opened in 1969, later that was scaled to an R after it won the Oscar for best picture; Schlesinger was awarded the Best Director Award for the film. "Midnight Cowboy" has been rereleased in New York to mark its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. (Rebroadcast from 10-5-88).


Other segments from the episode on March 4, 1994

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, March 4, 1994: Interview with Anna Deaveare Smith; Interview with John Schlesinger; Review of the film "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective."


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