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Director Mira Nair.

Indian born film maker Mira Nair. Her new movie, "Mississippi Masala," is the story of an African-American man and an African-Indian woman who come together in a little Southern town. Nair's previous film, "Salaam Bombay," got an Oscar nomination for best foreign film and won the Camera d'Or at Cannes.(REBROADCAST. This originally aired 1/28/92)


Steve Sabol and the Success of NFL Films.

Steve Sabol, co-founder of the production company NFL Films, explains how to make engaging football movies, and how to train an award-winning staff with no prior film experience.


The Inventor of the Steadicam Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown invented the Steadicam, a technological innovation which earned him an Oscar. He tells Terry Gross about its effect on cinematography as well as his brief tenure in the folk band Brown and Dana, and his career in advertising.


Jules Feiffer's "Tantrum" Against Middle Age

Writer and cartoonist Jules Feiffer recently published a novel called Tantrum, which follows the story of a middle-aged father who becomes a two-year-old. He shares his take on the culture of the 1970s and writing the screenplay of the upcoming Popeye film.


The "Charmed" Korda Family

Michael Korda recalls his memory of his uncle, filmmaker Sir Alexander Korda. He and Terry Gross later talk about the current state of book publishing.

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