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Rediscovering 'La Jetee' and 'Sans Soleil' on DVD

Fresh Air's critic-at-large reviews a new DVD set featuring two masterpieces by French filmmaker Chris Marker: 1962's La Jetee and 1984's Sans Soleil.

The first is a science-fiction story set in a post-apocalyptic Paris; except for two seconds of motion, the entire story is told in still photographs.

The brilliantly perceptive Sans Soleil's narrator tells viewers about the letters she's received from a globetrotting friend; her monologue is accompanied by footage from around the world.


Francis Veber Discusses "Le Dîner de Cons."

Terry Gross's interview with French screenwriter and director Francis Veber. He's best known for his farcical french comedies "La Cage Aux Folles" and "The Tall Blonde with One Black Shoe" (which he collaborated on with the director). His latest comedy, "The Dinner Game," was a hit last year in France and is now in the U.S. This year VEBER was honored with a career tribute at the Cannes Film Festival.


Two French Films are Amongst the Best of the Year.

Film critic John Powers reviews two new French films "The Dreamlife of Angels" and "I Stand Alone." Both films take place in the city of Lille, France. The Dreamlife of Angels received Best Actress (for both Elodie Bouchez and Natacha Regnier) at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival.


Three New Films from Abroad Worth Seeking Out.

Film critic John Powers reviews three new foreign films: the French film "Nenette et Bonni," the Palestinian film "Chronicle of a Disappearance," and the film from China, "Happy Together" by director Wong Kar Wai.


Remembering Louis Malle.

French filmmaker Louis Malle in February 1988. Malle died last Thursday [11/23] of complications from lymphoma. He was 63. Malle was best-known for such films as "Atlantic City," "My Dinner with Andre," "Au Revoir, Les Enfants," and "Pretty Baby," the 1978 movie about child prostitution that made Brooke Shields a star. He was married to TV actress Candace Bergen for 15 years. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Chloe. (Rebroadcast of 02/19/1988)


French Film Legend Jeanne Moreau.

French film legend Jeanne Moreau. She's best known for her work in the French New Wave films (between 1958 and 1962), working with such directors as Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle, and Jean-Luc Godard. She's probably best known for her role in Truffaut's "Jules et Jim" about a complicated ménage à trois. Moreau has led an admittedly unconventional life, from her choice of movie roles, to her succession of love affairs. She's now 65, and starring the new film, "The Summer House."


Film Director Bob Swaim Returns to the United States.

Film Director Bob Swaim, best known for the 1982 thriller "La Balance." His new film, "Masquerade," stars Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly. It's the first film Swaim has made in America; it was shot in New York State for MGM. Swaim, who has spent the last 20 years in France, first moved to Paris in 1965 to study anthropology with Claude Levi-Strauss.


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