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Michael Korda

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Talking About the Book and Publishing Industry.

Three veteran book editors discuss the state of publishing today. . .when mergers create mega publishing houses, the bottom-line dominates decision making, and e-technology threatens the book itself. The three are: Michael Korda, editor-in chief of Simon & Schuster, Robert Loomis, executive editor at Random House, and Jonathan Galassi, editor-in-chief at Farrar, Straus and Giroux. (THIS INTERVIEW CONTINUES INTO THE SECOND HALF OF THE SHOW).


Editor and Writer Michael Korda.

Editor in chief of Simon & Schuster Michael Korda. In his previous memoir, "Man to Man" he chronicled his ordeal with prostate cancer. In his new book "Another Life: A Memoir of Other People" (Random House) he tells about the world of publishing and his rise from assistant editor to editor in chief. Along the way, Korda worked with writers Jacqueline Susan, Graham Greene, Tennessee Williams, and Harold Robbins.


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