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Fran Lebowitz's 'Pretend It's A City' Is The NYC Trip You Can't Take Right Now

Iconoclastic humorist Fran Lebowitz used to be known as a writer. Back in the late 1970s and '80s, she released two popular collections of essays featuring her cutting observations and opinions about life. But that part of her career was cut short by a decades-long case of writer's block — now she's known for talking. The Netflix series Pretend It's a City features Lebowitz in conversation with Martin Scorsese — who directed both the new series and the 2010 HBO documentary about Lebowitz, Public Speaking.


Scorsese Does Dylan: 'No Direction'

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the new three-and-a-half-hour documentary about Bob Dylan called No Direction Home by director Martin Scorsese. It's available on a two-disc DVD and will be shown on PBS as part of the American Masters series.


Two Movie Islands, One Worth Visiting.

The new releases Shutter Islandand The Ghost Writer both take places on islands off the coast of the Eastern seaboard. Critic David Edelstein explains how the two movies, made by Martin Scorsese and Roman Polanski respectively, are a study in contrasts — in directors, plot, and mood.


The Woman in Scorsese's Edit Room

Academy Award-winning film editor Thelma Schoonmaker has edited every one of Martin Scorsese's movies, from Raging Bull to The Aviator. Schoonmaker has had a front-row seat to see how film editing has changed over the past 30 years.


Actor Harvey Keitel Discusses his Early Career.

Actor Harvey Keitel. He plays gangster Mickey Cohen in the new movie "Bugsy." Last year, he played the sympathetic police officer in "Thelma And Louise." He's also known for his roles in the Martin Scorsese films "Mean Streets" and "Taxi Driver."


An Adult Goes to the Movies

Part 2 of the Fresh Air interview with screenwriter and director Paul Scrader. Schrader grew up in a Calvinist home and was forbidden from seeing movies as a child; he learned about cinema watching art films in college. He wanted to be a minister, and later channeled his preoccupation with morality and guilt into his screenplays.


Screenwriter Paul Schrader

Part 1 of Terry Gross's interview. Schrader's newest movie is Patty Hearst, about the magazine heiress's kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army. He recently collaborated with Martin Scorsese on the film The Last Temptation of Christ.


Taking Chances as a Filmmaker

Irwin Winkler is a film producer whose credits include the Rocky movies, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Right Stuff, and Round Midnight. His newest project, Betrayed, is directed by Costa-Gavras.


Paul Zimmerman on Screenwriting and Activism.

Paul Zimmerman is the screenwriter of the upcoming film "The King of Comedy," directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert DeNiro and Jerry Lee Lewis. Zimmerman was previously the movies editor for Newsweek and has written several books. ZImmerman is based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and has become active in the Bucks Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament (B.A.N.D.). The group has invited Helen Caldicott of Physicians for Social Responsibility to speak at a local event.


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