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The Thirtieth Anniversary of Freedom Summer: Educator and Civil Rights Leader Bob Moses.

Educator Bob Moses. He was a leader in the Civil Rights struggle, helping to register black voters in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer of 1964. He's still a civil rights activist, though his weapon now is Math. He's the director and creator of the innovative Algebra Project which opens up educational opportunities for young African-Americans. Moses established the project in Cambridge, Mass in 1982. Since then it's been implemented across the country, and has reached 9,000 inner city youths. (REBROADCAST from 3/22/93)


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Fresh Air with Terry Gross, June 28, 1994: Interview with Gus DiNoia; Interview with Bob Moses; Review of Ry Cooder and V. M. Bhatt's and Ry Cooder and Al Farka Toure's albums "A Meeting by the River…


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