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Remembering Frank Sinatra: Billy May Discusses Arranging for Sinatra.

Trumpet player and arranger Billy May talks about working with Frank Sinatra. May worked with Sinatra on and off from the mid 40's to the mid 80's. He arranged Sinatra's albums Come Fly With Me, Come Swing with Me, and Come Dance with Me, on Capitol Records He did the arrangments for the Ellington-Sinatra album on Reprise. On Sinatra's 1979 release, Trilogy, May arranged the section called The Past. They met in 1939 when May was playing trumpet and arranging for the Charlie Barnett band, and Sinatra was singing with Tommy Dorsey. (Rebroadcast from 12/12/95)


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Fresh Air with Terry Gross, May 15, 1998: Interview with Sammy Cahn; Interview with Nancy Sinatra; Interview with Matt Dennis; Interview with Billy May; Review of the films "The Horse Whisperer" and …


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