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From the Archives: Rapper and Actor Ice-T.

Rapper and actor of the original "gangsta" rappers. He’s got a new CD,”Greatest Hits: The Evidence” (Atomic Pop). Greg Knot of The Chicago Tribune has written that "ICE-T is that rare gangster rapper who leads with his brain instead of his gun or his crotch." ICE-T's 1992 song "Cop Killer" landed him at the center of a controversy about gansta rap--is it a legitimate form of expression or is it incendiary hate-mongering? In addition to his singing career, ICE-T is an actor. He will be Munch’s partner on the new (2000) season of Law and Order Special Victims Unit. He has also starred in films "New Jack City," "Trespass," and "Ricochet." (originally aired 2.15.94)


Other segments from the episode on August 25, 2000

Fresh Air with Terry Gross, August 25, 2000: Interview with Ice-T; Interview with Arthur Penn; Review of of the film "Bring It On."


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