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Political Cartoonist Dan Perkins Stays Busy in Today's Political Climate

Political cartoonist Dan Perkins, otherwise known as Tom Tomorrow, the creator of the weekly syndicated cartoon strip "This Modern World." It stars Sparky the Wonder Penguin. Perkins discusses the strips he's created having to do with the Clinton scandal. "This Modern World" appears regularly in "The Village Voice," "U.S. News and World Report," "The Nation" and other publications nationwide.


Possible Perjury in the Clinton Hearing

Jeffrey Rosen is the legal affairs editor of The New Republic, where he writes about constitutional politics. He'll talk about how the courts handle perjury, in light of the Monica Lewinsky situation. Rosen is an associate professor at the George Washington University Law School, where he teaches constitutional law and criminal procedure. His essays and book reviews have appeared in many publications, including The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, Constitutional Commentary, and the Yale Law Journal.


Orville Schell Reports on President Clinton's Trip to China.

China scholar Orville Schell returns to update us on President Clinton's trip to China. Schell is a board member of the Yale-China Association and Human Rights Watch, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Schell is Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. He has written many books on China. His last was "Mandate of Heaven: A New Generation of Enterpreneurs, Dissidents, Bohemians, and Technocrats Lays Claim to China's Future." (Simon & Schuster, 1994). Schell was last on Fresh Air Wednesday, June 24, 1998.


The History of Sexual Harassment Law.

Legal correspondent for ABC news, and staff writer for the New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin. He'll talk with Terry Gross about sexual harassment and the law, and the charges against Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Toobin's article about it appears in the February 2, 1998 issue of the New Yorker.


The Role of the Independent Counsel in Politics.

Guest Host Barbara Bogaev talks with Edward Felsenthal and John Harwood. Felsenthal is the Supreme Court Correspondent from the Wall Street Journal, about the article on the Independent Counsel which appear in today's Wall Street Journal. Clinton, ironically, signed into law in 1994 the Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act. Soon after, Kenneth Starr began his Whitewater Investigation. Now, after two decades. the Independent Council is being criticized for its nearly unrestricted use of time, money and prosecutorial authority.


The Euphemisms of "Lewinskygate."

Linguist Geoff Nunberg considers the words we use to describe "unsanctioned amorous relations" and the difficulty of using more straight forward language.


Gail Collins Discusses Presidential Sex Scandals.

Journalist Gail Collins is on the New York Times' Editorial Board, and a former columnist for New York Newsday. Her book "Scorpion Tongues: Gossip, Celebrity and the American Politics" (William Morrow) will be published this spring. She discusses the current scandal surrounding President Clinton in light of other political/sexual scandals.


Peter Edelman Breaks from the President's Welfare Policy

The Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center was Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation with the Department of Health and Human Services. He resigned last September because of his disapproval of President Clinton's welfare-reform bill. Edelman criticizes the bill as not promoting job obtainment and as damaging to the lives of poor children and legal immigrants.


Judging the Performances of Presidential Elections

Nationally syndicated columnist and author Roger Simon. He's covered every presidential election for the past twenty years. He'll give us his impression of this year's election, the day after. Simon wrote the book "Road Show" about the 1988 presidential election. He's currently working on a book about this year's campaign which will be out next year.


AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on Why "America Needs a Raise"

Sweeney was elected in October 1995 and has been credited with revitalizing the labor movement. He's known for championing the cause of the poorest and least powerful members of the workforce. Last week John Sweeney spoke before the Democratic Convention. His new book is "America Needs a Raise: Fighting for Economic Security and Social Justice."


Reductions in Welfare Services Despite Its "Invisible" Success

New York Times writer Jason DeParle. He covers poverty and social welfare issues for the Times. This month President Clinton will sign a welfare reform bill that will cut benefits off to recipients after two years. DeParle talks about what changes the new law will bring and about the evolution of the welfare program.


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