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Tom Tomorrow

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Political Cartoonist Dan Perkins Stays Busy in Today's Political Climate

Political cartoonist Dan Perkins, otherwise known as Tom Tomorrow, the creator of the weekly syndicated cartoon strip "This Modern World." It stars Sparky the Wonder Penguin. Perkins discusses the strips he's created having to do with the Clinton scandal. "This Modern World" appears regularly in "The Village Voice," "U.S. News and World Report," "The Nation" and other publications nationwide.


Cartoonist Dan Perkins, Known as "Tom Tomorrow."

Cartoonist Dan Perkins, otherwise known as "Tom Tomorrow," the creator of the comic strip, "This Modern World." This social/political strip appears regularly in a number of alternative papers and magazines such as the Utne Reader, Whole Earth, and Z. It's just recently began running in the San Francisco Examiner. The strip uses the collage imagery from 40s and 50s advertising and features Sparky the Wonder Penguin who has been known to call George Bush a "Wanker."


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