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How For-Profit Colleges Sell 'Risky Education' To The Most Vulnerable

For-profit colleges promise access to a better way of life for their students, but more often they exploit the people who need them most, says Tressie McMillan Cottom who once worked as an enrollment officer at two for profit colleges. She left after she became uncomfortable selling students an education they could'nt afford. She's now a sociologist and author of the new book Lower Ed.


What's Driving College Costs Higher?

College is now four times more expensive than it was 3 decades ago, pushing student loan debt over $1 trillion. A key reason for this growth is the competition among schools for status and prestige, says Kevin Carey, education policy director at the New America Foundation.


Investigating Charter Schools Fraud In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Martha Woodall details her ongoing investigation into Philadelphia's charter school system, where 19 of the 74 charter schools operating in the city are under investigation for fraud, financial mismanagement and conflicts of interest.

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